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I hope no-one minds me posting this to the forum, but I thought people may find this story interesting given its uniqueness.

Today my earliest precisely dated photograph is exactly 150 years old. Taken 29 June 1859, it shows a then 12-year-old Edmund Barron Hartley, who subsequently went on to win the coveted Victoria Cross.

You can read a bit more about the picture and Edmund Barron Hartley at

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James, thank you for the excellent picture of young Mr Hartley. It conveys not only the striking image of a fine young man but also the style and culture of that period. Your posting also offers a stark contrast to the news this morning that NASA has just admitted to losing the only original tapes of the first Apollo Moon Landing. After only 40 years those imaqes are gone, that sophisticated and very expensive technology could not match the skillful chemistry of 150 years ago.
Peter Knowlden

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