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1840's Dock Salt Print - Identification help asked

 In kind of tandem to my previous post regarding the monogram, i am hoping that perhaps i would receive some help in identifying the docks in this Salt Print photograph i believe to be from the late 1840's. 

 Once again i have researched this image as best i can and can find nothing concrete to ascertain the location of this photograph, or its author. 

 I would be very grateful to anyone in here that could shed some light on this.

Thank you all once more!

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The view might be of the 'Floating Harbour', Bristol City docks - around Underfall Yard - looking towards the city?

Hello James,

  Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, i do believe your suggestion is a very strong possibility. Excellent! I did have an idea for Bristol but couldn't seem to get the angle to make it work and so had pretty much discounted the idea. This works very well, particularly with the chimney in the background, (Alas with my very brief search seems the only remaining structure that is in my photograph). I will search a little deeper and let you know the results. Thank you once more!

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