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Does anyone have information on some of the products made by the Adams and Co. Camera company of 26 Charring Cross Road, London?

I collect early exposure calculators, actinometers, etc and I've found a reference to a Telemeter made by Adams and Co. Looks like a telescope, but it has  "The Adams Telemeter, Adams and Co. 26, Charring cross road. London W.C." and it has an engraved distance scale at one end...

Just wondering .. never seen one...

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Hi Daren,

Looks as though it might be some sort of range finder, but I've not seen one that shape.

Incidentally, Adam's also made a Stopwatch meter. Actually a stop watch with their actinometer on the back.



yeah.. they actually made two versions...  a stop watch and a chronograph.. i have one of them. I actually collect rare and early exposure calculators...  but, being texan, i dont know much about Adams and Co. and didnt know if they made things for other uses other than photography..

A friend of mine suggested it was used for target practice sighting at the rifle range, but the distance on the barrels start at 2 yards... not 200..  anyone not able to shoot a target 2 yards from them shouldn't be holding a gun.. ;)

so im thinking its photographically related...

Hi Darrin,

Spelt your name wrong before, sorry.

I don't have the chronograph, but 2 different versions of the Stopwatch meter (and one for sale). I also have the Watkins stopwatch meter, been looking for the chronographs for some time. I thought only Watkins made the chronograph, do you have a photo of the Adam's version ?



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