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Advice on selling Claudet Daguerreotype

Hi, I am looking at the possibility of selling my Claudet daguerreotype. Sadly I need to help fund the purchase of a new car, of all the mundane things!

I would be grateful for any suggestions of the best way to sell this piece, and estimates of what it might be expected to fetch.

Scans can be found at, with notes on description and condition below.

Please feel free to contact me on or off list and also just ask if you have questions that I have not answered below.

Kind regards, James


The case has the embossed details "18 King William St Strand & Colloseum"
Claudet moved in to King William St in 1844, and opened the further studio at the Colosseum in 1847, giving the earliest possible date as 1847, but equally both of these closed in 1851, which gives us a fairly tight suggested date range of 1847-51.

It is standard 1/4 plate size.

The image is faint and unfortunately looks like it has suffered from some very ignorant cleaning attempts, though as the scans show there is still a lot of detail present.

There is some very delicate hand colouring to the rings and chain.

The case is intact and is nice condition, with just a few flaking pieces on the spine over the hinges.

Whilst there was some suggestion this may be John Ruskin it is not thought to be him.

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