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Hi! Would anyone be so kind as to recommend one or two shops / dealers of antique photographs in London? I will be there in approximately one week, and would like to search for 19th century images of Portugal or Spain. Thanks beforehand, Jose.

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If you can, you should try and tie in your visit to London when the London Photograph Fair occurs. There are a few held throughout the year, with the first one scheduled for 20th February. You can check the dates of the others in the BPH 'Events' section. It is a highly recommended Fair to go to, with many dealers present, and I'm sure amongst them will have what you are looking for.

In terms of London shops, one that springs to mind is They do have a healthy stock of 19th century images.

Good luck with your hunt, and an enjoyable stay in London!




There are a few dealers in London but most tend to be elsewhere in the UK. Bernard Quaritch may have something: The list of dealers that participate in the London Photograph Fair may be worth looking through:  Regards

Hi Jose,


As the organiser of the London Photograph Fair, I would like to echo the comments below - our fair is a great opportunity to meet most of the UK dealers who might stock material of this type. The dates for this years fairs are on our website ( but if you cannot make it, please feel free to contact them by email - but do let them know where you got their email addresses!



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