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I am writing a PhD dissertation on Antoine Claudet at the City University of New York (with advisor Geoffrey Batchen). I have visited several public and private collections in the States and the UK but if anyone has suggestions as to new places to look for Claudets I would appreciate it.

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I have just found an Antoine Claudet image in my father's collection (October, 2010).
Let me know if you would like more information.
Diana Welch
Dear Diana,
I would be very interested in getting more information about this image. If you have a digital image of it that would be idea. My personal email address is

Thanks very much for writing,

Diana Welch said:
I have just found an Antoine Claudet image in my father's collection (October, 2010).
Let me know if you would like more information.
Diana Welch
Dear Jean,
Thank you for sending these jpegs of your Claudet. Yes, if you have any other images I would appreciate them. You could send them to What would be a good email to send you some information on Claudet?

Jean DUBREUIL said:
Dear Karen,

My brother just find a daguerreotype for me in Paris (I live in Rennes, french Brittany) and by chance it's a Claudet's one, shooted in his 107 Regent street studio between 1853 ans probably 1858. You will find 2 images attached.
Now I try to find documentation on Antoine Claudet. I really would appriciate if you could email to me a pdf version of your dissertation.
If you want to, i will send you later other images of my claudet dag. I will have it in 3 or 4 weeks.

Nice to read from you

Dear Michael,
Thank you for writing. Please send me images at
Many thanks,

Michael Day said:
Hello Karen,
I have a small Claudet daguerreotype in an oval case with the Regent Street address embossed. It is of very good quality and is a portrait of a young(ish) lady who appears to be wearing mourning clothes and (to me at least) resembles the author George Eliot. I would be happy to email you copies of image and case. I hope work on the thesis goes well,
Michael Day
Dear Marc,
I'm just realizing that I never checked back with you about the post-conservation image of your Claudet stereo-dag. If you happen to have one that you can send, I would be very interested in viewing it. Please send it to
Thank you very much,

Marc Boulay said:
Dear Karen,

I just did a little more digging and was slightly mistaken. Only one of the images is confirmed to be by Claudet, the others are not attributed but have the same provenance. These daguerreotypes had belonged to James David Forbes. The full description of the Claudet image is as follows: Still in original cloth bound hard case with Mr Claudet, 107 Regent street in gold lettering. Image damaged but just visible are four men, one standing and four seated around a table with a piece of equipment? on it. [Identified as J D Forbes, Rev William Brown, Hugh Lyon Playfair and Dr George Buist]. On back is decorative label of "Mr Antoine Claudet, 107 Regent
Street", by royal patent "Daguerrotypes, Miniatures, plain, coloured and non-inverted daguerrotype portraits".

I hope this clarification helps.
All the best,
Dear Alan,
Did I never reply to this? Your Claudet stereos are beautiful. Would you mind if I ask you some questions about them? If you have other images it would be better if you send them to
Many thanks,
Karen Hellman

Alan Lesheim said:
Just stumbled across this thread, and I have an absolutely beautiful pair of stereos of Julia Cameron, nee Buckley, taken 1853-4 at 107 Regent St which I'm more than happy to help you out with high-res copies obverse & reverse, including the case, if you wish?
Yes, Karen, it appears that you did reply but I missed your response, sorry.
If the original attached images are not high enough resolution for your end use I can supply higher res versions, just let me know what resolution you would prefer. Glasd to answe any other questions you may have on them.
Hi Karen, I just wanted to say that the report on the fire at Claudet's studio is in the Photographic News, January 31, 1868, p.51 if you are interested. Best of luck with your dissertation.

Kelley Wilder

Dear Karen

Not sure if I ever contected you re Antoine Claudet? If I did apologies: if not hope it isn't too late. Claudet was a friend of John Dillwyn Llewelyn and there are references to them both in Dillwyn Llewelyn family diaries. Are you still seeking info?

Richard Morris


George Eastman House has a very nice collection of Claudet stereo daguerreotypes (approx. 45). You can email me at if you want more information.  Of course, you may have already visited our collection.  

Best, Jessica

We actually have only approx. 17 stereo daguerreotypes and approx. 30 other Claudet related objects.  Sorry for the error.



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