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Hi all
I am a photo archivist and researcher at The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology. I am currently involved in a major project on Norwegian photographic history after 1940, with a special focus on the commercial aspect of Photography in the period.

I am looking at stock Photography companies of the fiftites and sixties.

I think British Journal of Photography could be an interesting source of information on the trends of the period, although my focus of course is on Norway, and I am wondering if any of you know how to get access to issues from the fifties and sixties? Has anyone digitized them? Are there any libraries that are known to have complete sets? (Of course travel is out of the question at the moment, but still..)
Thank you for any information you could share


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Hi, Arne. Just in case you've not tried then the library of the Preus museum and collection in Horten may be worth checking in case it has a run of the BJP from this period. In terms of the British press then the BJP would be the best source, the then IBP's The Photographer may also be useful. Let me know if I can assist further. At the risk of stating the obvious I guess you've checked WorldCat for copies?

Hi Arne,

I have copies of BJPA from 1950's - 51,54,55,56,and 58.

Actually I am trying to sell them with some editions from the 1940's.

But if you need any information from them please let me know, before they get sold !


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