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Does anyone have any interest in the history of the Leica Postal Portfolios that started in the mid to late 1930's ?  Were these portfolios one of the first widespread uses of the "miniature" camera ?




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Hi Kelvin,


I was very interested to see your post. I am researching Camera Clubs in 1920s and 1930s Britain for my PhD at Birkbeck College (University of London). It seems the mid 1930s was when the miniature began to be taken seriously by some pictorial photographers. As well as, the Leica Postal Portfolios a number of other clubs and societies started miniature camera sections and new clubs were formed dedicated to this technology at this time. I have done some (very cursory) research on the Leica Postal Portfolios and would be happy to pass on details relating to this.


I see from your other posts and website that Dr S.D. Jouhar was your grandfather and a member of the Portfolios. I would be very grateful for any information you might have relating to his involvement with this and other clubs and would be happy to send you my email/contact details.





Hello Juliet,


Please send me your contact details, and I will be very happy to tell you all I know of my Grandfather's activities from the 1930's onwards.



I was  pleased to see you were talking about Leica  Postal Portfolois,  In the early fifties I belonged to a Universal 35 m/m  Postal Portfolio,which was for any 35m/m camera which I found very informative,  it certainly improved my knowledge for printing and use of  different paper surfaces. The comments were alway helpful, never terribly crushing and the members ranged from complete novices to a couple FRPS's  If my memory serves me well,  the maximum in any one group  was 10 contributors,  each would have a week to  comment on each the box-full, then post on to the next name on the list.  When completing the full circuit, I would take out my previous entry from the  Box and submit a new entry, I think time wise three possibly four boxes per year were in curculation very few of my entries have survived but a couple are still about in long lost files. Prints were not to exceed Half Plate mounted, but could be smaller.

Brian Carr

The Leica Postal Portfolio was founded in 1936, and was for photographs taken only with Leica cameras. There were other postal portfolios at the time, some of which had been founded earlier, I believe.

I was a member of a postal portfolio in the early 1980's, called The Half Plate Postal Club. The name of the club referred to the size of print, rather than the equipment to be used !  This club changed it's name around 2000, to The Postal Photographic Club, as by then I doubt whether anyone knew what "Half Plate" meant !





Hi Kelvin

Was your grandfather ever a member of the Royal Photographic Society? The name seems to ring a bell. Regards - Afzal

Sorry, should have done my research. Yes, indeed, he was a Fellow of the RPS :


I remember the name well during early  sixties when I was studying Photography in London.

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