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I would be very pleased to be put in contact  with anyone who has detailed knowledge of the Eastman stripping film (AKA American Film) that became available in 1885. I research principally into the very beginnings of motion picture technology 1880-1896. Many of the pioneers used rolls of paper negative and stripping films in their experiements and I want to know more about the issues this would have presented.

I have struggled to find images of negatives from stripping film, whether stripped or still on their backing, so any pictures would be great. I am also interested to know how stripped negatives would have weathered time and what defects they were most prone to in the process of taking and removal.

Any help at all on these matters would be gratefully received

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I feel sure that someone in this community knows something about Eastman stripping film and early celluloid - or knows someone who does. I'd be very grateful if you could get in touch, even if just to point me in the right direction. Thanks

Robert Shanebrook might be a good start:

Thanks so much for this contact, Michael. I've checked him out and if anyone should know, he should. I shall get in touch with him.

Michael Pritchard said:

Robert Shanebrook might be a good start:

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