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I'm researching the life of Frederick Scott Archer. According to one website Frances, (Fanny), Archer, his wife, spoke about his early life. I'm looking for the original source of this information, the name and date of the historical document. It will be dated 1857/8. I'm not interested in modern documents unless it cites the original source. I've emailed the author of the website but have had no reply.

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There is a lot of information about Archer in the journals of the time (BJP/PN) when the subscription was being raised for his wife and family's benefit after his death. It may be that his wife spoke then. After his wife died the journals published further remembrances. If you can't find the references let me know.
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I've been looking through the Photographic Journals at Bradford, hopefully it is documented there. I've not got to the end when the subscription was closed yet. One thing I do find strange is the printed minutes of The Photographic Society hold a lot more information that the hand written minutes.


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