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I am doing research on British and French travel photographers in Tyrol before 1870. There is also someone called C.E. Goodman who travelled the country in 1858. However, since I found different explanations to the abbreviation of C.E. in the public collections of the UK, USA and Netherland, I would like to ask you whether you know if C.E. means Charles E. Goodman or Claudius Erskine Goodman? Or if you know where there are topographical depictions and information by or on C.E. Goodman to be found in British museums or libraries?

Thank you. 

Alexander from Vienna

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I believe, Alexander, that he was Claudius Erskine Goodman born in 1821 and active in the 1850's and '60's. He was a surgeon living at 6 Radnor Place, Hyde Park in 1852 and then at 2 Westbourne Grove from 1853. He contributed 2 Guineas to the Archer Fund and was a member of the Photographic Society from 1853 to 1859. Although an amateur he seems to have been employed in some capacity by The British Museum to provide stereoscopic records of items in their collection. He exhibited genre / portraiture in London And Manchester in 1857.   Regards, G.Tucker.

Dear Mr. Tucker,

 thank you very much for this helpful information on Claudius E. Goodman. Do you know by any chance, whether Claudius E. Goodman attached a tag onto his photographs stating „E.C. Goodman“?

The problem is, as I had said, that several famous museums owning photographs by Goodman (showing tags with E.C.Goodman), sometimes attribute them to Chalres E. Goodman (like the Rijksmuseum) and sometimes to Claudius E. Goodman, however, unfortunately without citing their sources or literature which might help interpretation.

Thank you in advance.

 Regards A. Guano,

Dear Alexander, 

No, I'm afraid the only tags I have seen are those on the printed caption labels on the rear of his stereos which state: "GOODMAN, PHOT." , little help there.

As you describe, the identity of C.E. Goodman is puzzling with contradictory attributions. A while back I convinced myself that on the balance of the available clues, mentions in photographic literature, directories, census records etc. Claudius Erskine Goodman was a more, tho' not totally, convincing identity than Charles E.

The evidence of the imagery would suggest a single Goodman.

Like not a few other intriguing early photographers he remains tantalizingly opaque.



Hi - I, too, am interested in Goodman.  Does anyone have a print out of the information on him that used to be on Photo London A-Z?  I'm so sorry the site is down.  Thanks, paula fleming

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