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Identifying context and possibly the photographer of militaria photo

Can anyone help elucidate the context of this photograph please. It shows British naval personnel outside a fort displaying star and crescent. But which campaign and country? Size of image 7 by 10 inches. Also, why the circular shading? Due to lens arefact perhaps? Any help appreciated. 

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Sean, you need to post up the image. :-)

Sorry, here's image.


Could be Kuwait.  The Brits had it as a protectorate in 1899.  But they were involved in Egypt, Turkey, etc. for much of the end of the 19th-century.  Not sure these are British regulars though.  Could be East India Company men.  I'll let that be determined by the military experts here on the site.

Interesting that you have the Star of David too, so it might be Palestine.  The print looks about 1880-1890s.

And, yes, it is lens fall off causing the circular shadowing.  The photographer was using a lens designed for a smaller camera.

The symbols applied to the building are Ottoman - the star above a crescent, although the building itself is not particularly Ottoman... if that is any help.


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