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Ilford Advocate: Anyone knowledgeable on repair?

Hello all, I recently acquired a lovely Ilford Advocate, with case, for a good price.
Unfortunately, it seems that the bulb setting doesn't function, and I can't verify if the other speeds are working accurately. Is there anyone on the forum here who is familiar with these cameras?

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I would suggest contacting Alan Starkie at Although he is mainly a Leica repairer, he will take on other cameras. He rebuilt a Combat Graflex giant 70mm film motor drive rangefinder camera for me, with its three lenses, where he had never seen one before. I found for him the US Navy repair manual. We had to have parts remade by 3D printing in titanium. He is very popular, so may have a fair back-log of work. 


Many thanks for responding!
I appreciate the suggestion, though again, if anyone is specifically familiar with Ilford Advocates, would appreciate any input on this.

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