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Looking for photographs by Associated Photo Services/George Fisher

I'm on the hunt for pictures taken by a photographer called George Fisher who ran an agency called Associated Photo Services in Liverpool throughout the 1940s-60s. He did a lot of press and commercial photography. If anyone thinks they might have anything of his or has heard of him then I'd be really interested to hear from you.



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Hi, Holly. There was an ad for APS in the British Journal of Photography, 12 May 1944, p.vii which I have copied here. This suggests it was up and running by that date.  George Fisher gave a lecture on Press Photography to the Liverpool Amateur Photographic Association on 16 Dec 1948 and to the IBP in Jan 1949. He seems to have been involved with the IBP (now the BIPP - and with the 1952 Congress. He was a FIBP (Fellow) and exhibited in 1964, so some enquiries with the BIPP may throw some light on his activities. 

A long-standing BIPP member has provided the following: George E Fisher  became a member of the IBP in 1941, an associate three years later and received his fellowship in 1959. (The BIPP has been through a few name changes since its inception. 

Morning Holly - I have seen the agency stamp on print verso's on my journeys through press photo archives - I'll see what I can find on file - and can post a request for info on my press photo industry sites and if you wish?

I have a photo of my grandparents on their wedding day.  It does not have the name of the photographer, just the company you mentioned embossed on the lower right corner.

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