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I am seriously interested in learning to make Tintypes in the original way or as close as I can get. Is there anybody on this site who practices the art of Tintyping or perhaps knows somebody that does or maybe even can give me some hints or tips on getting started.



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Hi Gavin,

Sorry I hadn't replied sooner. There are a growing number of wet plate practitioners in the UK, I'm assuming that your based here?

In Manchester, my studio partner, also a wet plate photographer offers weekend workshops that are well worth the money.

Take a look at his website for details... Workshop clicky link thingy

In Scotland, Carl Radford offers workshops in wetplate.

Further South I'm not too sure but you could try Jo Gane in Birmingham, I think she has started offering workshops.

Its become very popular.

Good luck but be warned its very addictive.

My wet plate blog.... Click here


Thanks Tony, I am based in London at the mo so most of those might be a bit tricky to get to. Though I am very keen to learn so might well. I will peruse those links. Thanks again.

I think there might be another workshop session at Minnie Weisz studio near Kings Cross St. They had one this weekend. Info on Johns website.

I have been practicing the black art for some twelve years in North London and am always happy to demonstrate the process.

See my web site for my email address

Thanks Sean, I too am in North London. Seven Sisters to be exact. I would be very interested in talking to you about this at some point. I look forward to seeing your website.

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