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For over a year now I have been searching for the retired glamour photographer Mr John Kelly who was married to the model Vivien Neves, he made his name photographing celebrities and then on being one of the first photographers to have a studio dedicated to glamour photography.

Mr Kelly wrote several books on glamour photography in the 1980s.

He and Vivien have one daughter who for a time was also a glamour photographer.

Mr Kelly took some splendid photographs for an article for the Mirrior magazine in 1970 of Dom Robert PetitPierre, a Benedictine monk whose life I am researching, sadly the mirror will not give me copies of those images without Mr Kelly's permission as he holds the copyright.

Sadly, the newspaper does not hold his agents details or any contact information whatsoever.

I've spent a year trying to find him by contacting other newspapers and associated businesses without much luck.

Ive exhausted every avenue that I can think of.

Can anyone here help please?

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Hi Byron,  i’m Derek Richards and John and I shared a studio together in Fredrick Mews in

Knightsbridge in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I was an advertising photographer and believe me we had a great old time. 

I’m not in the uk at the moment, back home at the end of next week.

Happy to wander down memory lane with you if you would like to give me a call 

on 01935 862180. email

Best wishes. Derek

That would be great, im hoping you might have a few leads for me to chase.


Thanks John. I'm surprised too and being an author too you would think greater attention would have been directed towards John's work.

I do have some news in that I can confirm that John died almost a decade ago in Holland, he has family from a 2nd relationship based out there, I've reached out to them via a business website that they have for tours but sadly they have not responded.

I did find his family from his 1st marriage too but no professional contact for them.

I fear that at this point getting permission from his estate to access the images has become impossible.
Hi Glenn,
I discovered that John Kelly died a few years ago, he was married twice and I contacted his family in the Netherlands (his second marriage) but unfortunately I did not hear anything back.

I have exhausted every avenue that I can think of and have gotten no where and called it a day.

I'm sorry that I can't help.

If you should get some where with it please do let me know.
That's great, thanks Glenn, I might just pop a letter in the post and see if I can get response.

Keep me posted how you get on and I will do the same.

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