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I am the Curator of a small private Collection and Archive at BAE Systems Rochester. The site is the heir to the Elliott Bros (London) Ltd name and we have pictures of the brothers Frederick and Charles Elliott. Rochester Avionic Archives

Recently I went to the Lewisham Archives as Elliott Bros had a substantial factory there for many years. In their archive I found a glass plate negative with four pictures on; two of the pictures are of the Elliott brothers but the other two of a lady and a gentleman I cannot identify. The picture of Frederick Elliott has ‘Negretti Crystal Palace’ on it so I conclude that it was taken after 1854 when the Crystal Palace was re-erected on Sydenham Hill and other websites suggest that Negretti and Zambra operated a photographic studio there between 1860 to 1879.

It would be nice to know if the picture of Charles was taken at the same time and if there is any link with the other two portraits. Does anyone know of any other pictures of the Elliott brothers? What happened to the original Negretti and Zambra negatives, are they preserved anywhere?

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