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First of all I apologize for my bad English.

I get in touch with this forum because recently I found two albumen prints that have no description, no photographer’s name, and I’d like the members will help me understand what it is.

In a case I found that it is a Sikh regiment, but nothing else… In the center-left of the same image there is a bearded man with a hat and stick that could be (???) the photographer.

Best regards,

Roberto Caccialanza (Cremona, Italy)




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This is just a quick response to start the process.  These appear to be a British line infantry regiment serving in India. The image with the group posing in front of a building with a drum looks to be about 1890.  They appear to be wearing Glengarry caps that went out of service in 1897.  The bigger parade scene looks earlier say around 1868 because of the caps they are wearing. 

On your images can you see any sign of a number on either the uniforms or the drum?  The regimental number should be just below the badge on the cap of the Officer and the Colour Sergeant.  I think it starts with 1 but I can't see the second numeral.  If you can identifiy that it will be very helpful.  

Are the images from the same album? 

Kind regards


Thank you John for your quick reply and for your help.

The number is "14", for sure: I can read it clearly on the uniform of the second man seated at the right of the drum.

Unfortunately no distinctive or particular sign in the photograph of the great parade.

Best regards,


Hi Roberto,  That's helpful as that makes that unit the 14th Regiment of Foot. A link to their history is below.

It looks as though India tours could fit with both images (though I know you have no number for the parade image).  As you will see the14th were in Cawnpore at about the date of the earlier image.   In the later image there appear to be two officers either side of the drummer with the leopard skin.  I think the two officers are wearing blue patrols - an undress uniform with cords across the front. I think I was wrong about the date of the later image - it is probably earlier.  Maybe 1870s as the peaked caps (on the officers and some of the sergeants) look more like a design that went out in 1881.  Also, I find that the Glengarry bonnet was adopted by infantry as early as 1868 by some and certainly by 1874.  

You mentioned a man with hat and stick.  Do you mean the one lying down with wing epaulettes?  That would probably be be the Drum Major.  If you can make it out, there should be a drum above his three stripes.  

Best wishes


Very interesting!

I meant the man on the left, who seems to have nothing to do with the parade (see attached file).



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