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Photography - Victorian Athletes - Copenhagen Grounds - 1860's

Dear Sirs,
my name is Mr. Ruslan Pashayev and I am wrestling fan Delaware, Ohio of USA.

My post is about images of the champion wrestlers who held Lancashire Wrestling Championship in 1861-1867 at the Copenhagen Grounds, Newton Heath (Manchester, England). Organizer of the Championship was proprietor of the grounds famous Mr. Thomas Hayes (1826-1894) of Manchester.

To the best of my knowledge it was George Newbold of London who was the most famous Victorian sporting publisher and produced most of the images (prints/photographs/lithographs/sketches/cabinet cards) of athletes of that era (1860's). His company was known under the name of George Newbold, 303 & 304 The Strand -W C.

If anyone knows which institution (museum,gallery,archive, library) I should contact on that subject, please let me know I would highly appreciate  that.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Ruslan Pashayev

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