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Hi, wondering if anyone can help with locating early copies of The Practical Photographer Magazine? I am doing some research into the life and work of Henry Peach Robinson and am particularly interested in getting hold of his 'Autobiographical Sketches' which were, I believe, published in a series of chapters between 1897 (vol VIII) and 1898 (vol IX)?

Thanks in anticipation.

Mick Thurman    

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Hi Mick

Not a direct answer to your question but you might find some research I have done useful in identifying some of Henry Peach Robinson's material.

He must have had a good working relationship with Percy Lund as Percy published quite a bit of HPRs work.

One of the lectures Percy Lund gave during this period was 'Photographers I have met'. It may well be that HPR was featured in this but I dont know where you find the material.

Best Regards

Steve Lightfoot

Hello Mick

The library of the DMU university in Leicester have complete runs of most of the 19th century periodicals , which came from the Kodak museum , hopefully you would be able to find the information you are looking for there


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