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Hi all. I am currently researching the supposed prevalence of Tintypists operating in Seaside towns in the UK and on beaches. My initial focus was on Scottish Seaside towns owing to the hunch that the Tintype was more popular there than it was in England. I was wondering if anyone out there knew anything about this or (now i'm really stretching) where I might be able to find any primary material or even writing on the subject?



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Here incidentally is a New York Times article from the 1880s about seaside tintypes.


Thanks for the article John.

For anyone interested here is a link to a little blog post I did last night on Seaside Tintypes, using some of Mr. Paul Godfrey's lovely tintypes. Thanks Paul!

Thanks for that Paul. It sounds like it's exactly what I'm after so I'll keep an eye out/


Paul Godfrey said:


There is an old book published in the 1950s called "The Magic Box" by Ernest Pendrigh. This is an autobiography of an Australian who seeks his fortune in the UK as a ferrotype street photographer. Nothing technical in this but it is an account of someone making a living from street photography using ferrotype cards and an Aptus Camera.
Best wishes

Found this fellow on National Media Museum's Flickr stream:

Hi Gavin,

I've added a couple more ambrotypes and tintypes to my collection. Images are posted on my blog.



Lovely images Tony. Your blog and professionalism put mine to shame.

Hello Gavin

I date family photographs professionally and see many privately-owned tintypes every year, dating from between the 1880s and 1940s, the main period of their production in Britain.

There is a section about tintypes and an example of a 1880s seaside tintype in my book, How to Get the Most from Family Pictures (Society of Genealogists, 2011). Also I discuss an interesting 1930s tintype presented on a slightly earlier card mount on my Tumblr blog: (photo now in my own collection).

Please see my website for contact details if you would like to get in touch: 

Thanks Jayne - nice website and interesting image. I've been seeing a lot of these lately.

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