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Mark Osterman at Eastman Museum was recently asking "Trying to get in touch with the Stanhope Collectors Club in the UK. Can't seem to find them anymore. Their president was Jean Scott or Ken Scott."

I found that uses images attributed to them and also has a link to what appears to be 'their' site (but it currently gives an error). The domain registration for the site was last updated in September this year, but there are no registrant contact details. My suggestion was to contact Marc Farinella who runs the former site and must have been in touch with them to get permission to use the images, but I wondered if anyone here might be able to help? 

Reply here and I'll pass it on. Thanks

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I had contact with them many years ago. The Magic Lantern Society may be able to assist as it crosses over in to the 'optical toy' area.

I was a member of The Stanhope Society for many years, building my own stereoscopic Stanhopes. One of our notable meetings was at Bradford, hosted by the museum. Regrettably the Stanhope Society became split and I do not know if it still exists in any form. Jean Scott would be the person to ask. David Burder

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