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I am trying to find out more about the camera Spanish photographer Rafael Castro y Ordóñez, member of the Comisión Científica del Pacífico, used during his expedition to America (1862-1865). He used a Dallmeyer lens of his own but the camera was purchased in London by British photographer Charles Clifford in early 1862. References suggest that it was a state of the art field stand camera. The plates produced are 26 x 31 (10 x 12") and 16 x 21 (6 x 8"). The lens was probably a Dallmeyer-Petzval type combined lens, good for portraits and landscape photography. 

I regret to say I am no expert in nineteenth century cameras. Could anybody help me find out the kind of camera he may have used? I need more information for my PhD dissertation. 

Thanks very much in advance!

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