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The Amateur Photographic Field Club Challenge Trophy

The Photographic Field Club was founded in 1865 but it existed under various forms prior to this date, its aims were to bring landscape to a prominent position in photography. It is not clear when it closed or merged with any another Society.(thanks for info Dr Michael Pritchard)

I have a photo of the Challenge Trophy which was donated by Mr Alfred Deed in 1900. Some of the award winners were:- 1901 Col R Holbeche. 1902  Unreadable. 1903  Ditto. 1904 F Seyton Scott

 1905 Viscount Maitland.1906 B. Gay Wilkinson. 1907 F Martin Duncan. 1908 MacFarlane Cocks

1909  Unreadable. 1910 Viscount Maitland.1911 B. Gay Wilkinson.1912 F Martin Duncan.

1913 (no winner).1914 F Seyton Scott.1915 -,1920 (War stopped play).1921 Ewart Miller


1922 P Geoffrey Harris.1923 MacFarlane Cocks.1924-.1925 -1926 (no winners)1927 & 1928 John G St Aubyn whom I am reseraching in particular, his life and photographic works and am interested to know anything about this trophy and it's possible where abouts, History of the Club and anything to do with Jihn St Aubyn FRPS.

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John G St Aubyn died on 16 December 1975 aged 86. An obituary was carried by the Royal Photographic Society's Photographic Journal vol. 116 p. 83.

It looks like the founding dates is 1858 according to listings in the BJPA. 

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