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Trying to find information on Victor Jubilee Hutchinson born St Pancras/Camden Town, London abt 1887. I have him as a photographer in Walthamstow in 1911. He may have changed his name to Victor John King and may have been a photographer in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex.

I believe his father could be George Hutchinson* born 1853 in Canada . Occupation: Portrait Painter (Artist). Married to Eleanor (Eleanor Blanche Jones or Elenora Norah Jones) born 1854 in Clapham, Surrey.

(*This George Hutchinson was the Canadian Illustrator of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island in ‘Chums’ magazine from 29 August 1894 to 2 January 1895, It seems to fit, but I cannot find a connection anywhere).


Would be grateful for any leads.

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Hello Robert,


According to the Free BMD Index, the birth of a Victor Jubilee Hutchinson was registered in the December quarter of 1887, Pancras Registration District, book 1b, page 152. A cross-check  for an 1887 Hutchinson baby of any name, whose mother's original surname was Jones, produced no results. So you may not have matched him up with the right parents. If you look up Florence Amelia Hutchinson at (and you may have already done so), you'll find some background on George & Eleanor, including reference to their son, Victor, but no middle name is given. I fear the only way to be sure would be to buy a copy of the birth certificate.


Victor King, as you've probably already discovered, is listed in The Magic Boxes - Professional Photographers and their Studios in North Essex 1845-1937 by David & John Appleby. They place him at Beehive Cottage, 129 Old Road, Clacton, c1923-1933. (The thought occurs that their book could refer to other East London strays.)


Incidentally, VJH has to have been called Jubilee because 1887 was the 50th anniversary of Queen Victoria's accession. The 1881 census records a mere 10 holders of the name. The 1891 census has 142.


Good luck with your continuing search.



Hi Robert

Thanks for taking the trouble to provide so much info. Really was a great help.



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