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Victorian daylight studios still existing in a recognisable form

As we all know, during the Victorian era, thousands of photographic portrait studios were established in Britain.

The question is, how many have survived to this day in a recognisable form? 

The only ones I have managed to identify so far are listed below.

I am sure that participants of this forum will know of others - please will you submit them?

R Clapperton, Selkirk. Built 1867. Ceased as a museum in 2017, but hopefully building still standing.

Grand Imperial Studio, Preston, Lancs. 1879-?. Existing but in ruinous state

Hayes, Hutton le Hole. 1902-1923. Relocated to Ryedale Folk Museum

Kevis, Petworth, West Sussex 1877-1908 (occasional use until 1953). Existing - holiday accommodation

Memorial Studio. Hastings, East Sussex 1864-?. Existing as artist's studio

Reeves, Lewes, East Sussex.1858-present. Existing as a photographic studio

Winter, Derby. 1867-present. Existing as a photographic studio

Bromley House, Nottingham. 1841-1955. How much of the original studio eg the glazed skylight, is existing?

(Not Victorian) Starr and Rignall, Ely, Suffolk 1929 - Existing. Glass roof intact, glazed wall present but boarded up.

I look forward to hearing about others

Richard Hodgson

Kevis House, Petworth

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Hi Richard, 

The structure of the first photographic studio in Exeter dating from 1839 can still be seen atop the

Locomotive Inn, in New North Road. It was operated from 1842 by William Gill who obtained a daguerreotype licence from Richard Beard.


Thank you Geoffrey.

I see it doesn't currently have a glazed roof - I wonder if it ever did? Also intriguing that it has a north facing wall, yet it is the south side that has windows.

It seems it was built in 1842 on top of a building constructed in 1839.

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