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I came across an article in the Bradford Observer 19th November 1857 p8 which describes how two visitors to Haworth and to Patrick Bronte himself came across a frame of photographs outside a chemists shop in Haworth and bought a portrait of Patrick Bronte. I realise that this would have been early for it to be a carte de visite but I wondered if anyone had any views on this. Incidentally there is no mention of the Bronte Sisters being in the frame of photographs.

Also with regard to the theory that the photo of the Bronte sisters was taken from an original Daguerreotype I wondered who might have had the opportunity to take such a photo at a time when they would have been all together. I am aware that Holland and Sarony were in the area in the 1840s but I wondered how many more.


Steve Lightfoot 

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There are photos of Patrick which look like they might be that format,the parsonage archive is brilliant there are a lot of photographs in it ,one of patrick is described as a postcard ,another was clearly mounted to hang as it has a loop ,maybe that was aimed at tourists,and another looks very like a Carte de Visites


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