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57, Male


New Zealand

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  • Rachael Moloney

    Hi Brett

    Thanks for your response to my Stickyback post. I will certainly let you know if we come across further Derby images and details. Do you have a collection of other Stickybacks, as single images perhaps? One of the points we're interested in is that often it's single images in the public domain today, which may have been the studio's 'offcuts'.

    Kind regards,


  • Adrian Farmer

    Hi Brett, I've found your Derbyshire Photographers website really useful for several years (and contributed some info and pics) - going to give a free talk on Belper Photographers in April and want to check a couple of things but can't get on the site - can you help? Unearthed some great images for it! Thanks, Adrian

  • Adrian Farmer

    Thanks for getting back to me Brett - don't suppose you have any kind of back-up do you? As much as anything, I just want to make sure I've not forgotten anybody, so just a list of photographers would help!

    Thanks, Adrian