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Man and Cameraman: George Bernard Shaw photo archive online

The private personas, including an archive of public photos, of the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw who died 60 years ago in November, has been put online.

Approx. two-thirds of the photographs were taken by the playwright responsible for Major Barbara, Arms and…


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Jacolette: a gallery of Irish snapshot and vernacular photography.

I am a photo-historian and librarian from Dublin, Ireland and my blog features ‘found’ photos from my own personal collection. They are mainly Irish and mostly amateur images – the type of vernacular photographs which seldom find their way into museum collections even though they are a rich visual resource. Most of these photographs were found in charity shops, skips or bought from online auctions and I am interested in the process whereby they have become separated from the families who once… Continue

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Call for papers: "Art Photography and Its Markets" at the Association of Art Historians Conference 2011

The session "Art Photography and Its Markets" will be held at the Annual Conference of the AAH at the University of Warwick, 31 March to 2 April. We invite you to read a complete description of the session topic at:…

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Camille Silvy Panel Discussion

The National Portrait Gallery has organized a panel discussion on Silvy. It is described in the Gallery's brochure of events around the Silvy exhibition (open until 24 October). However, the date was printed in error as 16 September: the correct date is Thursday 30 September at 19.00. I shall be discussing Silvy's work with the much admired London photographer Tessa Traeger, expert in the use of large format cameras in a 19th century daylight studio, and a frequent photographer of portrait and… Continue

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Stringset Kodak Camera Survey

Dr. George Layne of Philadelphia is working on a book about the earliest cameras of George Eastman, the Stringset Kodaks. So far, he has over four hundred examples in his database, including the 47 in the collection of the National Media Museum in Bradford. He is looking for more. If you have one of these cameras, and you haven't already participated in this project, please contact Dr. Layne at GEORGELAYNE@AOL.COM.

The cameras of…


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Book: Photography and Literature

Photography and Literature assess the complete history of photography, and Brunet begins by examining how the invention of photography was shaped by written culture, both scientific and literary. As well, Brunet looks at the creation of the photo-book, the frequent personal discovery of photography by writers, and how photography and literature…


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Unseen family archive from 1897 on auction

Not just any family photo, but believed to be the first known image of the future Stan Laurel acting. The photos are… Continue

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PhotoHistory XV in 2011 and call for papers

Rochester, NY– The world’s only continuous symposium on the history of photography PhotoHistory XV, will take place at George Eastman House in Rochester, New York on October 21-23, 2011. This date represents a new two-year interval between proceedings as requested by…


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2012 Biennale of Sydney Fellowship

The Biennale of Sydney have created The Nick Waterlow OAM Curatorial

Fellowship, in conjunction with The Australia Council for the Arts. This

two year, full time fellowship will be awarded to a young curator who

will be mentored by the Artistic Director and will work with the BoS

team on the planning, administration,…

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Trivia: What is the most Oxfam has ever made from any item donated through its shops and sold at auction?

Give up?

Well, it was one of seven books donated by a gentleman at the Teignmouth branch of Oxfam, one day shortly before Christmas last year.

The book in question described the quest of two Victorian scientists in finding their long-lost brother in Fiji back in 1881. Entitled "A Trip To The Highlands of Viti Levu", this unique photo book consisted of 44 portraits of Fijians, and was written and self-published by Gerard…

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Exhibition featuring 1860s panoramas from Beato, Rossier etc.

The international and regional photographic elite and enthusiasts alike will soon turn their gaze and cameras on Hong Kong as the first-ever large-scale photo festival in the city, The Hong Kong Photo Festival, organised by the Hong Kong Photographic Culture Association, takes its debut from Nov. 27 to Dec. 31.… Continue

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Beaumont Newhall: Father of Photographic History?

Well, you can be a judge of it by watching this video of this fascinating man and his contribution to the evolution of photography into a recognised art form as it is… Continue

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National Museum of Wales purchases iconic photograph

One of the most significant images of 20th-century Wales, 'Three Generations of Welsh Miners' (1950), by American photojournalist, Eugene Smith, has been bought by the Wales National Museum.

This legendary photograph (representing past, present and possible future), for which the museum paid around £5,700 for… Continue

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The Scot who shot Abraham Lincoln .....

.... well, not literally. That was carried out by John Wilkes Booth.

Only 119 photos of Lincoln are know to exist today. Hence, top prices are paid for them. Out of this, only 24 feature Lincoln standing in full pose. But… Continue

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Muybridge Galore!

For all you Muybridge fans out there, there seems to be no shortage of events dedicated to this innovative and influential early pioneer of moving photography who hailed from Kingston-upon-Thames.

It kicks off… Continue

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Levine Photography Collection Premieres

Considered by many to be among the finest photography collections in private hands, The Noel and Harriette Levine Photography Collection, spanning over 170 years, is being presented in its first public display since it was gifted to the Israel Museum in 2008.

The Levines first embarked on the creation of what became one of the world’s most significant… Continue

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Scott Archer - a website and future book

Writing elsewhere Marcel Safier describes a project which he and Stefan Hughes have joined forces on. The intention is to produce a biography of the neglected but important figure in photograpic history, inventor of the successful collodion photographic process Frederick Scott Archer.

Marcel states: "We became acquainted through our mutual friend, Archer enthusiast and contemporary wet plate practitioner Sean McKenna. Already fresh and interesting material has come to…


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Muybridge blog

Respected historian of cinema and pre-cinema, Stephen Herbert, has been running a Muybridge blog. The latest posting discusses a possible connection between Muybridge, the name Helios and Paris.

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Photographers' Gallery to close in the Autumn

The Photographers' Gallery, London, is to close this Autumn 2010 as construction starts on the transformation of the Gallery's building on Ramillies Street, London. The conversion by architects O'Donnell+ Tuomey will create:

  • Three floors of galleries
  • A floor dedicated to learning for all
  • An improved Bookshop and Print Sales space
  • A brand new street level Café/Bar
  • An accessible building with a new lift

Although the…


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Libraries and the preservation of early photography

The photo-historian Larry Schaaf writes in the The Magazine Antiques about the institutional collection and preservation of photographs within the context of the British Library and it's activities. The first paragraph is reproduced below. Click here for to see the full text (for free):…


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