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Beato and Early China Photography @ The Getty

For those BPH members with a taste for the Orient, you will be pleased to know that The Getty will be holding two special exhibitions in the near future.


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Auction: Matthew Brady

Among the most anticipated lots of a recent auction in Texas was a half-plate ambrotype of “The Gallant Pelham,” a native Alabamian… Continue

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The Camera Obscura: public lecture

On Monday, 25 October between 1-2.30pm Roger Smith, a maker as well as authority on the camera obscura, will be giving an introduction to this popular optical instrument, via a lecture and demonstration. The event is a collaboration between the Museum and the Bodleian Library. Meet at 1pm in the Convocation House, entered via the Divinity School, Old Bodleian Library. There is no charge.

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First 3D exhibition @ Gallery on the Green

The Gallery on the Green has been open in the decommissioned red telephone box on Settle’s village green since 2009. With its claim to be “probably the smallest art gallery in the world” it shows nothing larger… Continue

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And/Or Book Awards: Photography and Film

Submissions are now open for the 2011 prize, for books published or distributed in the UK between 1 Janury and 31 December 2010. The winners will be announced in April. The photography judging panel this year is made up of photographer Mary McCartney; Yuka Yamaji, head of…


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The British Contribution to Early British Columbia Photography

Any BPH members carrying out research in this area will be pleased to know that there is a talk on British photographers who came to British Columbia in the 19th century. These early pioneers were there not only to record events, locations and people, but also to promote investment or immigration.

Photo historian & author, David Mattison, from the… Continue

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NMSI to be retained by government

The National Museum of Science and Industry - the parent body of the National Media Museum - is to be retained by government 'on grounds of performing a technical function which should remain independent from Government'. Its role was being reconsidered as part of the government review of all quangos. The level of the funding cuts is due to be announced next week.

The Cabinet Office notice is…


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Niepce role and images reappraised

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce’s contribution to the history of photography has been elevated after the National Media Museum and the Getty Conservation Institute revealed new findings stemming from three of Niépce’s photographic plates.…


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Blakemore archive goes to Birmingham

Birmingham Central Library has acquired an important archive of photographic work by prominent artist John Blakemore, who was born in Coventry. The archive was acquired directly from the artist for £91,650, of which £42,695 came from the Art Fund. Additional support came from the V&A Purchase Grant Fund, the Friends of the National Libraries and The University of Derby. The archive will be permanently housed in the new Library of Birmingham when it opens in 2013.

The collection… Continue

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Spain's greatest 19th century British photographer?

Many historians considered Charles Clifford (1821-1863) as probably one of the greatest 19th century photographer Spain has ever come across. He was not a prolific photographer as such as his total production consisted of only a few hundred negatives. But he was one of the few early photographers in Spain with a consistent artistic flare and masterful technique… Continue

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Archives: Early 20th century Limerick by Franz Sebastian Haselbeck

A collection of images which include the War of Independence, the Civil War, Home Rule meetings, British soldiers parading in Sarsfield Barracks, and meetings of the Irish Volunteers in the early 20th century will be on display for the very first time.

Taken by Franz Sebastian Haselbeck (1885-1973),…


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'Lady' goes on World Tour

That's Lady Shallot to you and me! (not the gaga type).

Taken by one of Victorian pioneers of photography, Henry Peach Robinson of Tunbridge Wells, the image is made from two separate negatives illustrating a scene from a poem by Tennyson.

The Lady of Shallot is set to go on an international exhibition which…

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Online Launch: Johnston Collection

This unique collection represents the work of three generations of a local family of photographers who captured images of life in and around Wick between 1863 and… Continue

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125 years of Kodak ...

Kodak recently celebrated 125 years of innovation at last month's Photokina in… Continue

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When 21st century high-tech meets 19th century photography ...

The image was considered to be one of the finest examples, if not the most famous, in the history of
daguerrean photography. Taken in 1848 by Charles Fontayne and William Porter, it was a panorama spanning some 2 miles of the Cincinnati waterfront. They produced it using eight 6.5 by 8.5inch… Continue

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Photomonth Photofair this weekend

As part of the East London Photography Festival, there will be a Photofair with over 100 stalls selling photographs, books, prints and other services. It will be held this coming Saturday 9th October at the Spitalfields Traders… Continue

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Maurice Broomfield 1916-2010

The industrial photographer Maurice Broomfield whose work documented the inner landscape of industrial Britain from the 1950s to the 1970s has died. He succeeded through his striking photographs in revealing both the grit and beauty of the people, factories and processes which manufacture the everyday objects around us. The V&A have recently taken possession of the photographer's archive.

A full obituary can be…


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John Claude White: Tibetian Gems auctioned off


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Auction: Eaton S. Lothrop, Jr. Photographic Collection, Part II

If you'd missed out on the first installment of this auction as mentioned in an earlier blog, fear not, as the second lot is now online from today until 26th October. This second collection will… Continue

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Irish Photohistorian: Sean Sexton

It has been said that Sean Sexton's collection of Irish photos is one of the greatest in the world. The critically acclaimed Sexton collection has been published in several books, including The Irish: A Photohistory (Amazon link on the right: ISBN-10: 0500510970)… Continue

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