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August 2012 Blog Posts (40)

eBook: 'Catchers of the Light' - A history of astrophotography

I am writing to you about a book I have just completed after six years of research and writing. It is called the Catchers of the Light and is a History of Astrophotography and tells the story of the 46 men and women who did most to master the art of celestial photography as it was known during its early days; and whose pioneering efforts have made it possible for us…


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Essay: The Bristol Black Archives Project

Instant Coffees Photography Screening has published its latest catalogue with the highlights of its seventh season including an essay by Gavin Maitland MA titled: ‘These Museumy Emblems of Others’: Against the Colonial Museum, Toward Commemoration. writing about photography archives as alive museums. Maitland uses a Bristol archive of photographs from a…


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Obituary: Martine Franck (1938-2012)

The sad news is being  reported - and now confirmed by AP wire services - that Martine Franck, second wife of Henri Cartier-Bresson, and a Magnum photographer in her own right died yesterday afternoon. Franck was President of the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation. There are some biographical details on the Magnum Photos website: …


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Alexander Wienerberger

It seems that the camera my grandfather gave to me only a few month ago is about to mean more to me than a camera ever should. It is a second model Leica and it used to belong to my great grandfather, Alexander Wienerberger.  The photographs he took on this camera were not only published but are said to be the only verified images to come out of Ukraine during the man-made famine of 1932-33, named Holodomor and reported as killing up to 10 million people.

Now this is of great interest…


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eBook: Old Japanese Photographs: Collectors’ Data Guide

If you are interested in the field of Japanese photographs as a collector, researcher, dealer, curator or auction house then this book is, quite simply, indispensable. The author has written on and researched the subject for many years and has brought together in one volume the results of exciting new research and also data which has been gathered from long-forgotten…


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Glasgow: The Blueprint Project February 2013

During the month of February 2013 a Heritage Trail for the public around four major archives in Glasgow and the River-side Museum has been organised by participating partners in the Blueprint project. These visits will complement three coordinated exhibitions at Glasgow’s Trongate 103 visual art centre which focus on historical and contemporary practice in ‘alternative’…


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Book: Early New Zealand Photography

We are all participants in an increasingly visual culture, yet we rarely give thought to the ways that photographs shape our experience and understanding of the world and historical past. This book looks at a range of New Zealand photographs up to 1918 and analyses them as photo-objects, considering how they were made, who made them, what they show and how our…


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Birmingham Library & Sir Benjamin Stone

The following is an article by Graeme Brown that appeared in the Birmingham Mail which may be of interest to some of you BPH members out there. You can read the rest of it in this link …


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Joan Craven

Anyone know much about Joan Craven? She shared studios with Walter Bird at Kinocrat House on the Cromwell Road, London. Below is a picture of Pamela Green by her. I run the Pamela Green website and before I post something I wanted to find out a bit more information. This picture was taken in the early '50s.…


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Celebrating 75 years of The Hampstead Photographic Society

A special exhibition to mark the 75th anniversary of the Hampstead Photographic Society is being held at Burgh House, New End Square, Hampstead this month. The club, founded in 1937, will be exhibiting members’ work as well as a display on the history of the society.

The exhibition will be on until 27th August, and details can be found …


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Jobs: National Media Museum - Explainers

Your confidence, customer focus and excellent presentation skills could help visitors get even more out of their day at the National Media Museum!  Working across ten galleries, including our changing temporary exhibitions, you'll deliver a range of engaging and educational presentations and activities to visitors.  You'll be asked to develop and devise a…


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Archive: Thuillier Collection (Lost Diggers photographs) - Update

As update to an earlier BPH post here: 800 of the 4500 delicate glass plate negatives, located by a media team from the Seven network and purchased by Seven boss Kerry Stokes, have today been donated to the Australian War Memorial. They will form the basis of a new…


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Help the Library of Congress curate a new set of photographs for Flickr Commons!

I'm working with the Library of Congress on an exciting co-curation project which focuses on the photographic collections that are available on the Library's Flickr Commons account. Further details and ways in which to contribute to the project are outlined below:

The Library of Congress is…


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Exhibition: The Birth of Photography - Milestones of the Gernsheim Collection

As mentioned in an earlier posting, details of this European exhibition is now available.

The birth of photography is now seen for the first time and exclusively for half a century back on European soil: the first photographic exterior shot of the world, the photogravure "View from the Window at Le Gras" by the Frenchman Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1826…


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Exhibition: The Colonial Eye. Early Portrait Photography in India

Christopher Penn writes...There is an interesting and beautifully displayed exhibition of photography - largely portraiture - from India in the nineteenth century running now in the Art Library for Photography in Berlin. Among other works it includes four Samuel Bournes, nine Bourne and Shepherds and eight Penns including 'Toda Man (Nicholas/Penn 48)' and 'Toda Woman…


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Niépce plates nearing public display

The National Media Museum held a conference in 2010 to present new research into three Niépce plates dating from c1826 from The Royal Photographic Society's Collection which is held at the museum (see: …


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The Bradford Fellowship in Photography 2012-2013

In partnership with Bradford University and Bradford College, we are seeking to appoint a photographer, or artist working with photography as the 2012-13 Bradford Fellow in Photography.

We are looking for a mid-career photographer with experience of teaching, publishing and producing work for exhibition. The successful candidate would deliver an agreed number of…


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Glass slides

I have an old slide projector, probably from a school, and a couple of boxes of glass slides The slides seem to be in sets, covering 'London' ' Windsor Castle' etc, and are about 3'' square,. The quality of the black-and-white images is amazing, especially the interior scenes at Windsor Castle. However, I have no way of projecting them, so I am wondering if anybody would be interested in them.
Terry Pattison

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Book: London. Portrait of a City

Samuel Johnson famously said that: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” London’s remarkable history, architecture, landmarks, streets, style, cool, swagger, and stalwart residents are pictured in hundreds of compelling photographs sourced from a wide array of archives around the world. London is a vast sprawling metropolis, constantly evolving and…


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Frederick Scott Archer and The Wet Collodion Process

If you click on the link at the right about Frederick Scott Archer you can read a fascinating story about a man who generously gave this ground breaking process free to the world. Maybe it is because I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics but I was reminded of Tim Berners-Lee and his generosity.



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