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Photobooks: Developing Photopoetry

A project organised by the University of St Andrews, 'Developing Photopoetry brings together more than 60 photographically illustrated poetry books from 1856-1921, spanning more than half a century of interactions between poets and photographers from both Britain and America.

"By digitising and…


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DVD: Fay Godwin: Don't Fence Me In

Don't Fence Me In provides an entire career retrospective, made with the enthusiastic cooperation of Fay Godwin, filming from 2001 until 2005, which turned out to be the last five years of her life. She graduated from taking family snaps to documenting Camden social services, followed by a remarkable sequence of literary portraits, before moving on to landscape photography for a series of walkers' books which evolved into photographic collaborations with major writers, notably Ted…


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Exhibition and event: Fay Godwin - The Drovers' Roads of Wales and other photographs

Fay Godwin - The Drovers' Roads of Wales and other photographs is being shown as MOMA MACHYNLLETH opening at 11am on Saturday, 18 February 2017 and runs until 1st April,…


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Conference: Photo Archives VI: The Place of Photography / 20-21 April 2017

This conference investigates photographs and photographic archives in relation to notions of place. In this context, place is used to explore both the physical location of a photograph or archive, as well as the place of photography as a discursive practice with regard to its value or significance as a method of…


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Research: Dr John Lee FRS, FRAS astronomer, Hartwell House, unrecorded ambrotypes?

I am researching these two ambrotypes, recently acquired through eBay. They appear to be images of John Lee, Astronomer, Numismatist, 1858 and 1861, antiquarian, philosopher, et al. of Hartwell House, Buckinghamshire.

I can only find one actual photographic image of Dr. Lee, an apparent albumen, via the…


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cfp: Photographs Beyond Ruins: Women and Photography in Africa / 14 July 2017

This symposium marks the opening of ‘Usakos – Photographs Beyond Ruins: The Old Location albums, 1920s-1960s’, an exhibition at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS, University of London. The exhibition centres on three private collections of historic photographs preserved and curated by four women residents of the…


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cfp: Images, Copyright, & the Public Domain in the 19th Century

A combination of technological, cultural, and economic factors during the “long” nineteenth century made images more readily available in a wider range of media than ever before. These transformations raised new questions about the ownership and use of images.

Working in the new field…


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Photohistory 'long reads' daily to your door On This Date In Photography.

On This Date In Photography presents an event that happened, or is happening, on the date of posting. Journalistic, not necessarily academic, it aims to broaden the interests of devotees of photography, with some posts specifically on British photo history, others more wide ranging.

Written on the day, of the day, your news of upcoming items for potential content, or other input, is most welcome.

(It's a 'labour…


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Website: Historical Photographs of China relaunched

The redesigned Historical Photographs of China web site ( has been re-launched and now contains over 10,500 images, including 1,400 recently added images from nine new collections.

 These including a large and diverse selection of…


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Exhibitions: Abraham Brothers and Iddon / until 12 May

Two exhibitions at the Keswick Museum and Art Gallery, both about photography, complement each other.Lakeland Pioneers in Climbing and Photography: The Abraham Brothers looks at the work of George and Ashley…


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Leandro Crozat: the patented invention of the photographic double ground...

In Italy the phrase “Photographic double ground - Crozat System - Patented” is well known by professionals as well as by vintage and historycal photography lovers. Indeed, it is stamped on the back of hundreds of cartes de visite produced in Italy between the second half of the 1860s and the early Seventies. Nevertheless, the information about the procedure as well as the biography of its inventor have hardly been…


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Course: Shooting War: Photography, History, Representation / from 21 February

From the sepia-toned mass graves of the American Civil War to today’s drone shots of the destroyed Syrian city of Aleppo, war photographs have shaped and continue to inform our understanding of human conflict.  Far from neutral, war photographs challenge our sense of humanity in a…


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Publication: Crozat's photographic system in Ireland and the UK

The 'Crozat's Photographic System' in Ireland and in the UK,1864-1871Irish and/or British researchers of the history of photography and collectors who want to share information about the spread of the 'Crozat's…


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Job: Curator- Getty Images Archive

You’re someone who’d love nothing more than to immerse themselves in The Hulton Archive. You’d thrive in a role where you can take a proactive approach to increasing its profile internally and externally. You’ll be establishing Getty Images as a recognised industry specialist in academic and museum circles as well as…


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The Manfred & Hanna Heiting Fellowship for photo-historical research

The Manfred & Hanna Heiting Fonds/Rijksmuseum Fonds enables the Rijksmuseum to annually award two postgraduate Fellowships that stimulate outstanding object-based, photo-historical research by prospective curators from the Netherlands or abroad. Fellowships are awarded for a six-month…


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Research; Ambrotype signature

I am seeking information about this quarter-plate ambrotype of a young lad. There appears to be an etched signature above his left arm. Constant? 

Although this was bought in the UK, I suppose it might be French.

Does anyone recognize this signature?

Many thanks,

David McGreevy…


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Obituary: Matt Isenburg, photographic collector and historian

Matt Isenburg, leading photographic collector and historian and driving force behind the Daguerreian Society, has passed away at the age of 89 on 14 November 2016.

Matt was a WW2 US Navy veteran and fascinated by history, in which he obtained a Bachelor's degree at Northwestern Universary. He started as a camera…


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Exhibition: Roger Mayne / 3 March - 11 June 2017

The Photographers’ Gallery presents the first major London exhibition of Roger Mayne’s (1929 - 2014) work since 1999. Roger Mayne is best known for his seminal and pioneering body of work on community life in London’s Southam Street in the 1950s and early 60s. Mayne’s humanistic approach to his subjects has…


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Help fund the recreation of the 1839 exhibition of Talbot's photogenic drawnings in Birmingham

Thresholds, is an innovate exhibition project about one of the first exhibitions of photography in the United Kingdom and is seeking support through a new Kickstarter Campaign. 

Using cutting-edge virtual reality technology, the project will re-present the…


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Publication: The Thorns of Bude

The Thorn photographers were pioneers of the art in Bude, in Cornwall. this book celebrates their enormous contribution to Cornish history. over 250 images taken from their original glass negatives, many never before published, show the landscape, seascape and shipwrecks, of north Cornwall, as it was in the late…


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