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Information request: S C Hall ARPS

Is anyone able to identify for me who the New Zealand photographer S. C. Hall was? He or she seems to have been active during the period from the 1940s to the 1960s and specialised in hand coloured landscape photographs signing them "S. C. Hall / A.R.P.S." Thank you.…


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Coxhead Bros.

This carte de visite by the Coxhead Brothers of Dunedin and Invercargill, New Zealand shows a subject type I have not seen before from this era. It shows a doll in period costume posed with miniature furniture, perhaps Catherine of Aragon or her daughter Mary I of England.  

The brothers Frank Arnold Coxhead and Harry Coxhead were photographers in Dunedin and…


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Publication: Berry Boys: Portraits of First World War Soldiers and Families

This powerful new book offers an evocative snapshot of New Zealanders facing the First World War. Detective work on the part of Te Papa curators and a heartfelt public response has resulted in this extraordinary new book about soldiers and their families, and the changing face of the First World War.

This August, Te Papa Press is releasing Berry Boys:…


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Enlarging Pictures from small Photographs

ENLARGING PICTURES FROM SMALL PHOTOGRAPHS. -On the evening of October 7, the members of the British Association for the Advancement of Science held a soiree at the Guildhall, Cambridge, which was numerously and fashionably attended.

During the evening, M. Claudet exhibited pictures enlarged from small photographs. After having read on Monday, in Section A, a paper on the means of rendering more accurate the measurement of the distances which regulate the enlargement of small…


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A Photographic Gun

A very interesting instrument, called a photographic gun, has been invented by a Frenchman M. Marrez. It is nothing more nor less than a very large revolver, with a stock to put to the shoulder. The barrel is a telescope that is to say it contains the lenses of a camera. There are twelve apertures, which take the place of chambers. The photographer puts a sensitised plate behind these apertures, and, performing an operation analagous to cocking a gun, the weapon is ready for the field. On…


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Messrs Hughes Bros., photographers of Madras, India

Does anyone know anything about the Indian photographers named Messrs Hughes Bros.?

I am interested in the photographer Charles Henry Manning who was born in London in 1848 and worked for Messrs Hughes Bros., of Madras, India. He later claimed to have photographed the King of Siam while in India.…


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John Robert Hanna (c1850-1915)

Hello, I am interested in the Irish born New Zealand photographer John Robert Hanna (c1850-1915). The “Photogram,” of May, 1894, devoted three pages to Mr. Hanna, his studio and his work, I wonder if anyone has a copy of this edition? 

I understand his photographs "were so beautiful that they were shown to the Photographic Club, and to the London and Provincial…


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Early days of photography

From: Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XXVIII, Issue 7782, 27 June 1904, Page 7 - National Library of New Zealand: Miss Dorothy Catherine Draper, who died the other day, aged 95, was said to be the first person who ever sat for a photograph. She posed for her brother, Dr. John W. Draper, who had discovered a process by which a daguerreotype could be made in a few minutes. The photograph was made in 1839, when Miss Draper was known in New York society as "Dolly" Draper, and the…


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Ferrier and Rock


Could someone tell me why this photograph shows all these spots? Is it a failure of the photographer to process it correctly? What exactly did the photographer do wrong? Many carte de visites I have by the photographers Ferrier and Rock also show this. They can be seen online here at :…


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A photograph by Thomas Protheroe after 1881

Would anyone recognize the gentleman shown in this portrait by the Bristol photographer Thomas Protheroe? A cabinet card dated after 1881.

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Photography in the "Sixties" by William Strudwick

Few of the process workers of to-day can remember the year 1860, and those who remember it were not then process workers – they must have been nestling in their mothers’ arms, or filled with a laudable ambition to form correct pothooks and hangers at the school desk, or perchance they were still in the dark room undeveloped. Besides, at that time there were no processes to work in the way we understand to-day. At most a method of surface printing in the nature of lithography was practised,…


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John Henry Gear - 1896 Photographic Award

For sale at - is a bronze plaque awarded to John Henry Gear by  l’Association Belge de Photographie at their 1896 Exposition.

John Henry GEAR was born 1859 at Yeovil, Somerset, England. He was listed as a teacher at the 1881 Census at Gloucester,…


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