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Closure of Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney

The Australian Centre for Photography once hosted Australia’s elite cohort of photographers. It can no longer afford to remain open. ‘ACP was part of the cultural fabric of Sydney and it welcomed everyone in’.

The official statement reads: The Australian Centre for…


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Auction: Treasure trove of Nasa photos including first selfie in space

“The collection is the most comprehensive private collection of Nasa photographs ever presented at auction, and spans every visual milestone of the space program, from the early days of Mercury, the technical advances of Gemini and lunar orbiter, to the triumphs of Apollo,” Christie’s said …


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Resource: World's largest photographic archive of sugar-fed young Australians

There are always crumbs of information about photographs to be had in strange places, most recently in an article in the Guardian about this book The Biscuit: the History…


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Photograph on new 50 pence piece

It's interesting to see that a photograph is celebrated on a new UK coin.

This week marks the centenary of the birth of Rosalind Franklin, whose Photograph 51 could be seen as one of the most significant of the 20th century, as it was key to working out the structure of DNA.

To celebrate Rosalind's centenary, it is her photograph - Photograph 51…


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Royal Mail criticised for D-Day stamp mix-up

Royal Mail has withdrawn a stamp design marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day - after BBC News pointed out it showed US troops landing in what was Dutch New Guinea, nearly 8,500 miles from France.

For the full article see…


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Seminar. From illustration to evidence in native title: the potential of photographs / 12 September

By working with photographs from the collections of museums and libraries, Michael Aird is testing whether historical photographs can become substantial evidence of Australian Aboriginal connections with land and place. He is studying images and combines archival research to contextualize how photographs can serve as more than illustrations, but they can also demonstrate historical continuities and change as well as connections to country over time. Who are the people featured in…


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'World's largest 19th century glass negatives' listed on the UNESCO Memory of the World

Glass negatives taken by Bernhardt Otto Holtermann in 1875 to capture the beauty of Sydney Harbour - measuring 1.3 meters wide and weigh around 30kg each are listed on the UNESCO Memory of the World. They are held at the State Library of New South Wales.

Here is the full story…


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Publication: Agents of Empire. How E.L. Mitchell's photographs shaped Australia

For nearly 100 years, the Yorkshire migrant photographer Ernest Lund Mitchell’s emblematic photographs have shaped ideas about Australia. But who was Mitchell and why did he succeed above his competitors

With unprecedented access to private collections and showcasing his extraordinary photographs, Agents of Empire charts Mitchell’s rise from his struggles as a migrant in New South Wales and Queensland to significant image-maker in Western Australia. It then…


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