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Photography in Ireland Timeline - Gallery of Photography, Ireland

Folklore recording in Poulaphouca, County Wicklow, 1939. This shows the recording of local folklore before the flooding of a large area in 1939 for a reservoir and hydroelectric scheme. Image courtesy of the National Folklore Collection at University College, Dublin. One item of many in a new feature from the Gallery of Photography,…


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Aluminium, Orange Glass and f11.3 from Dublin in the 1890s: What was it for?

The latest addition to my collection is this Howard Grubb aluminium Aplanatic 12x10 lens made in Dublin, probably in the late 1890s. This was probably one of the earliest aluminium lenses made by Grubb. Were there aluminium lenses from other manufacturers before this time? Aluminium was lighter than brass, but was then new as a refined product for…


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Exhibition: In Our Own Image: Photography in Ireland 1839 to the Present / Dublin, until 6 February 2022

In Our Own Image: Photography in Ireland 1839 to the Present presents the first comprehensive historical and critical survey of photography from across the island of Ireland. This landmark centenary exhibition charts how the medium has both reflected and shaped Irish cultural identity, from the work of the earliest photographic pioneers up to the…


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Online talk: Irish Photography Since 1839 / 17 August 2021

William Fagan's illustrated online talk will celebrate the ongoing development of a new, interactive timeline of the history of photography in Ireland which is being developed by the Gallery of Photography, Ireland. He will share some of the key images in Ireland's photographic history and explore the stories behind them. Considering photography both as…


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Sean Sexton collection items stolen

Earlier this year we heard the sad news that the some of the collection of the great Irish collector of early photography, Sean Sexton, had been stolen. Some of the collection has been turning up, but a lot of it is still untraced. Here are photos of some of the main items which are missing.

I also have a Word document with 20 pages listing the stolen…


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Signing 19th Century Lenses - A Common Practice?

My collection of Grubb Patent Aplanatic Lenses made in Dublin between the 1850s and the 1870s all have micro-engraving with a number at the very edge of the glass lens element to match the engraved or stamped number on the brass barrel of the lens. The purpose behind this is to indicate authenticity and avoid fakes.The writing (for that is what it is) is…


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Found photographs from 70 year old Perutz film

Found in a Leica FILCA cassette, these photographs taken in Switzerland and Northern Italy in the early 1950s and developed in Dublin in 2020.

There are a lot of discussions and technical considerations in this article. The object is to trace the families of the people in the photographs and to unite them with the images. Any suggestions about how to…


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Grubb and Parsons Optical and Engineering Giants

My article on Grubb and Parsons and their optical and engineering achievements is here; A variation of this article has appeared in the Photographica magazine of the Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain…


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Online event: On choosing and using old Leicas

My presentation on Choosing and Using Old Leicas for the LHSA - The International Leica Society - will go out at 7.30 pm BST on Wednesday 19th August 2020.

Link here - …


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