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Did Roger Fenton pose as a French Officer in one of his Crimean Group Portraits?

This is my third recent post that concerns Roger Fenton and his Crimean War connections. In the first, I showed…


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Roger Fenton’s Second Photographic Van

Further to my last post to the blog, I would like to add that Roger Fenton sold the photographic van he took with him to the Crimea in 1855 for £35 just before he left Balaklava to return home. However, he commissioned another when he got back to England and in the summer of 1856 set off with it to photograph landscapes in Scotland.

This new van was…


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Roger Fenton’s Photographic Van discovered in more of his Crimean War Images

Many of us will be familiar with Roger Fenton’s much reproduced photograph of his photographic van, which features Marcus Sparling, his chief assistant the Crimea, sitting on the box seat (see right). The left side of the van also appears in Fenton’s group portrait of cavalry personnel in the image entitled Cooking House,…


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Was Roger Fenton in a James Robertson/Felice Beato Photograph taken outside British Army Headquarters in the Crimea?

A photograph taken by James Robertson or his assistant Felice Beato entitled Head…


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Correct date of Roger Fenton’s 'Council of War' photograph

One of Roger Fenton’s (right) more popular images from the Crimean War is entitled Council of War held at Lord Raglan’s Head Quarters the Morning of the successful Attack on the Mamelon, Portraits of Lord Raglan, Maréchal Pélissier, and Omar Pacha (below). It was originally shown under this title at an exhibition of Fenton’s Crimean pictures held in…


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Was Lord Balgonie shell-shocked?

Because of the facial expressions of some soldiers photographed by Roger Fenton in 1855 during the Crimean War, it was suggested by Richard Pare in the 2004 book All the Mighty World that they may have been suffering from what we now call shell-shock. Pare drew particular attention to Fenton’s portrait of Captain Lord Balgonie (see below). In the…


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Roger Fenton and the futility of war

I noticed this write-up for the Royal Collection Trust's exhibition of Roger Fenton's work on the following website:…


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Discovery of pairs of stereoscopic images amongst Roger Fenton’s Crimean War photographs

Roger Fenton’s (shown right) letters home from the Crimea in May 1855 indicated that he was taking stereoscopic pictures of the ruins of Inkerman, the valley at Inkerman and the battlefield of Balaklava. However, these views have…


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