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Frederick Scott Archer and The Wet Collodion Process

If you click on the link at the right about Frederick Scott Archer you can read a fascinating story about a man who generously gave this ground breaking process free to the world. Maybe it is because I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics but I was reminded of Tim Berners-Lee and his generosity.



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Silver Footprint

Recently I watched Silver Footprint a film about legendary black & white printer Robin Bell. The film provides a great opportunity to see this master craftsman demonstrate his skill and vision in the darkroom. Bell has printed for many well-know photographers and so many iconic images have had his expert eye and technical proficiency added to them.

It is available…


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Hurley & Ponting ( The Heart of the Great Alone)

Last week I went to see the exhibition at the Royal Collection that I found deeply moving for a number of reasons. It was the first time that I had seen the two photographers work exhibited side-by-side and it is a testament to both photographers of the quality of the work but of the men themselves. Ponting's work clearly the more creative of the two with its breath taking vistas and sensitive framing left me a…


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Great Masters

I found this and thought it might be of interest. 50 Masters, I will probably go.

If it is worth a look I will let you know.

I have enjoyed the blog and there have been some good posts. 

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Vintage Exposed Film

This really charming story was sent to me and I thought I would share it with you. If you are not familiar with Lomo / Diana F or Holga cameras then hopefully this will open up a new area for you.

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Ghost Signs

I have been busy photographing historic faded adverts for just over a year now. It has been great to record these important symbols of our culture in a creative way. I donate all the work to The History of Advertising Trust who are compiling an archive.

Ghost Signs of London is the link to see the latest work. I am trying to build up some historical information about each of the…


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Budding Collectors.

Dear All,

I have a recent interest in collecting photography.  'How to buy photographs' by Stuart Bennett is a good source of historical knowledge. Understanding how photography collections are considered and refused has provided a point of great interest. What prints are valuable and the reasons behind this? The book I have just noticed is from Christies collectors library.I collect books(in a v small way) on a regular basis. The photography books are used by me for lesson planning…


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Links for the historians.

Dear All,

I have included a couple of links that might be of interest.

It is quite American but very interesting. You can access them form itunes or the website. I have listened to a lot of them and leaned a great deal. 



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W.Eugene Smith & Ghost Signs

I saw a brief piece about this incredible photographer on the 'Genius of Photography' that piqued my interest. A deeply flawed individual with a troubled past. His father committed suicide when he was just a teenager and he grew into an obsessive alcoholic. Smith was commissioned to spend three…


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