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Research: Dante Gabriel Rossetti by Lewis Carroll

Hello, I am researching this photo of Rossetti by Carroll. Sorry for my bad quality pics. I believe it's an albumen print, on very thin paper, 5-3/8 x 4 inches. I know the original was taken in 1863, however, the back has a faint pencil inscription: 1873 Life photo. There is an identical print with the oval framing in Morton N. Cohen's Reflections in a Looking…


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Research: Could these be Charles Dodgson Photos?

I am researching these 2 photos, mounted back to back, from a British album dated 1858-1860.  They appear to show a boy's prep school with many students, a curious tree/metal sculpture or scientific apparatus, and a military bridge- building structure.

Both are arch-topped albumen prints, 196 x 146 mm.

The uniforms/ hats remind me of Dodgson's photos of the…


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Research: Elgin Marbles - Who was the photographer for Mansell & Co.?

Here are 3 albumen prints of what I assume are sections of the Parthenon Frieze in the British Museum. There are tiny oval blind stamps within the images -I can only read 'Mansell & Co.': 

Would anyone know who the photographer was? 

Were these part of…


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John Thomson or A. Fong? A Street in Canton

Does anyone know the true photographer of this image? I've seen it variously attributed to Thomson and A. Fong.  Published in "A New History of Photography" Edited by Michel Frizot (Page 149) as "attributed to Fong".

My copy has a letterpress description below… and is listed as No. 321, so obviously part of a series, book, or album, but I can find no information about…


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Wedgwood family photos, are these Darwin's relatives?

I am searching for information on these 2 photos of the Wedgwood family. One portrait of "Fanny Wedgwood, (Mrs. Francis) and one portrait of three children listed as "Aunt Rose, Aunt Mab, and Grandaddy Wedgwood (Lawrence).

They are both about 8 x 10" albumen prints, mounted behind arch-topped boards. Fanny heavily painted(oil?),…


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Information request: 1859 Soldier

Hello, I am looking for information about this 1859 photo of a soldier,  It's an albumen print, 20.5 x 15.5 cm, ink inscription under the print; Harvey Bruce, LT, 1859.

Any information, even about the uniform or sword would be appreciated.

Thanks, David…


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Exhibition: Julia Margaret Cameron at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will host an exhibition of Cameron's work starting 19 August 2013 until 5 January 2014.…


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Guernsey Court House 1859. Photographer?

I am astounded by the generosity and knowledge of members here. Thank You.  So here is a puzzle: a photograph of the interior of the Guernsey Court House, 1859. On the back is a typewritten description listing the names of all present, titled "Figure 9" with an ink inscription:  "photograph kindly lent by Wm. Ingham" I am assuming this was lent to be published, but can find…


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