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Film: Gandolfi & Sons, camera makers of Peckham, London est. 1885

There's a delightful accessible online 1974 short BBC documentary of elderly Gandolfi brothers of Gandolfi & Sons camera makers of Peckham, London which company had operated in the area for over 100 years. The artisan nature of the skilled brothers at the end of their camera crafting working lives has one of the brothers in…


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Information: Boy in military or civilian uniform?

This among an interesting bunch of late 1800s and early 1900s glass plate negatives that Harrow School has offloaded from their archive are now up for sale on Ebay. Is this lad in military uniform, or is he in some civilian gear that, for example, hotels dressed their minions up in? Maybe he's a 'Telegram Boy'. Anyone recognise his get-up?

Thank you…


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Barnardo's magic lantern slides for sale on eBay?

A few days ago a batch of Barnardo's magic lantern slides were listed for sale on Ebay. I shared this sad fact on another conversational site. So much archive potential turns up on Ebay as to make one weep. Sellers with a bit of archival sensitivity could well inquire to borough and other archives and offer their sellable treasures in the first instance 'to the nation' either…


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A 100 year old RP postcard picture dissolved before my eyes?

I thought that immersing a 100 year old+ RP (real photo) postcard in water would assist me to soak off marring patches stuck to the postcard that obscured a particular collectable photo postcard's right side edge. Once satisfactorily soaked 'marring bits' stuck to the photo could be picked off - thus, enabling restoration of my old RP postcard of the famous early 1900s…


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