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Date of birth of Frederick Scott Archer / new information

Confirmation of date of birth of Frederick Scott Archer. The website for him notes that he was baptised together with his siblings the same day in 1822. This website seems to be updated to 2013.

In case it hasn’t been recorded since, the true date of birth of FSA can be revealed by reference to the actual baptism register not a transcript. I have found that often when a family group are baptised on the same day a note of the dates of birth are recorded. The baptism register for All Saints & St John with the liberties of Brickendon & Amwell Hertford record that on 21st April 1822 3 children of Thomas (a butcher of Bull Plain) & Elizabeth Archer were baptised; James born Dec 12 1812, Frederick Scott Aug 30 1814 and Sarah 1816. Perhaps a new plaque on his grave is required to replace the one that states 1813.

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Comment by Fionnbharr Ó Súilleabháin on June 3, 2019 at 9:12

The website you reference was owned and maintained by Seán MacKenna who passed away in 2012.

It is still active but I'm not sure if it is still maintained. I met Seán a few times and he was a huge fan of Archer and would have been delighted at your discovery.

Comment by James Edward Packer on May 31, 2019 at 11:09

Hi Michael and everyone. My note of Frederick Scott Archer date of birth is not new. I had a re-look at the site again. In the drop down options the date is not listed under 'His Life' but under 'Ancestry' where the details are recorded. The site credits a Peter Charnock with supplying the information so well done to him I would hate to claim credit for 'news' which isn't 'news'.

Comment by James Edward Packer on May 30, 2019 at 17:53

Hi Michael

I found it on genealogy site. Put in his name and they list 1600 entries - but that includes all the plain Frederick Archers. The first 9 entries relate to our man. Scroll down to Hertfordshire Baptisms 1822  and look at the original image in the baptismal register. (I should have recorded Sarahs date as March 1816 not just 1816). I don't know if you are in the UK and familiar with our government records. Civil registration commenced in 1837. The details of death are the quarterly entries in the General Register Office which gives the volume and page which would enable death certificates to be ordered up but the certificate at this time does not record date of birth or age at death.



Comment by Michael Pritchard on May 30, 2019 at 16:38

Hi, James. Is there any way that this new date can be cross checked with any other data e.g. or death certificate? It's a large revision and it would be good to be 100% certain that it is correct before Wikipedia and other sources are corrected. 

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