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A Very British Arcadia: Pan, Wicca and the English Gymnosophical Society.

Here's a piece I wrote on the Pam blog back in October. It touches on the Cult of Pan, Wicca and the English Gymnosophical Society.

A Very British Arcadia

Due, in part, to the censorship laws of the 1950s, photographers often sought to cloak their work in respectability, using Classical allusions in an attempt to validate their “art studies”. There is a certain naive charm to captioning a photograph of a lady in a state of undress Nymph in a Sunlit Glade or Nymph Surprised, and we shouldn’t underestimate the hunger for art from the boys behind the bike shed or the homesick squaddie in barracks. Be that as it may, there’s also something much deeper at play…

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