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I saw this lot (106) going up on 20 October at Newsbury, Berkshire:

Note the image of Sitting Bull in the center of two nondescript Cabinet cards. I have some serious doubts about the genuineness of this cabinet card, which has an Anderson photo on another photographer's cabinet card. The underlying card may be real, but I think the original photo may have been taken off and then replaced with a computer-printed image of the Sioux Chief.  If you look at the edges, they appear to indicate that this was newly pasted unto the card. Such printed photos have very similar color and look to albumens.  But they won't have the crackled surface of the albumen and will show the scattered pigment dots under high magnification.

If anyone is out to that auction before, it might be great if you could review this Cabinet card and let us know by posting your findings here. You might let the auctioneers know too of this possibility  Bring a fine loop out to view the image to see if you can see how it was made.  I have seen other Indian Cabinet Cards like this that look very good until looked at carefully. This is one of the easiest and most common kind of fakes out there. Anyone thinking of buying this lot, should definitely view it in person.  When buying important card mounted images, keep this in mind. I have seen it with American Western images a lot.

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