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Sotheby's auction of Travel, Atlases, Maps and Natural History in London on 29 April 2014 includes a number of lots of photographs. These include: sixty early photographs of Morocco (£45,000-50,000) and a newly-discovered very large 13-part panorama of Shanghai by Henry Cammidge, together with 25 photographs by Cammidge (£50,000-70,000).



149. Egypt. An Album of 127 photographs by various photographers [1880s-1890s]

150. Sinclair, J.A. Gallipoli campaign, 62 platininum prints [c.1915]
153. Holy Land. Forty Stereo photographs, 1880s-1890s

155. Holy Land. 198 stereo photographs, early 1900s

160. Robertson, James. Crimea, Constantinople and Athens. [1853-56], 47 salted paper and lightly albumenised prints

161. Saudi Arabia Railroad, [1951-53], 57 silver prints


176. Houseworth, T. and others. 100 stereoviews, [c.1865-1880]


179. Annan, Thomas (after). Portrait of David Livingstone, oil on board, possibly painted over a photograph

180. Morocco—Cavilla, A., George Washington Wilson, Leon and Levy, and others. A good collection of 60 early photographs of Morocco.


181. Boxer Rebellion. Forbes-Sempill manuscript journal including 2 photographs

182. Jehol. 62 glass lantern slides

183. China, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Album of carte-de-visites

184. Beijing. 97 photographs (late 19th early 20th century)

186. China and Hong Kong. 100 lantern slides, c.1920s

187. China and Hong Kong. Album of 46 photographs

188. Floyd. 3 photographs of Canton

190. Floyd. Panorama of Hong Kong

191. Floyd. China, Hong Kong and Macao, 4 albumen prints

192. Beijing. Album of 80 silver prints, early 1900s

193. Floyd. Panorama of Macao, c.1868

194. Shanghai and Canton, album of 47 silver prints, c.1903

195. Tientsin (Tianjin). 36 photographs, c.1889-1901

196. Shanghai. Henry C. Cammidge. A 13-part panorama of Shanghai, c.1873 and 25 albumen prints

197. Citters, A.J. van. 61 photographs of Beijing, c.1903-08

198. Afong. 22 albumen prints of the Hong Kong typhoon, September 1874

211. Thomson, John. Illustrations of China and its People, 1873-74, 4 volumes, a fine copy.


212. A collection of 64 stereo photographs, c.1880s-early 1900s


217. Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1955-58. Three albums containing 204 photographs

218. Ponting, H. Terra Nova in McMurdo Sound, 7 January 1911, large green toned carbon print, framed and glazed

219. Ponting, H. Terra Nova at the ice foot, Cape Evans, 16 January 1911, large green toned carbon print, framed and glazed

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