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Call for work: Malde-Ware platinum/palladium printing-out process / deadline, 15 December 2019

For anyone practising the Malde-Ware platinum/palladium printing-out method of photography, there is a call for submission of work for possible inclusion in Pradip Malde's forthcoming book on this process.  The book will be published in the Focal Press series, edited by Christina Z. Anderson.

Open call: Photographs by the platinum/palladium print-out method using ammonium salts.
Submission deadline is December 15, 2019.

Focal Press, an imprint of Routledge, has spearheaded a series entitled Contemporary Practices in Alternative Process Photography. Each book in the series is devoted to a single process, or a process and its related techniques. Now, Focal Press/Routledge and Pradip Malde, with Mike Ware, are teaming up to publish a book about the platinum/palladium print-out method using ammonium salts.

Submission of works requires the completion of this form, and uploading between 3 and 10 image files as indicated below. Note the image file format: TIFF file, no compression, in sRGB colorspace, 8 bits per channel, sized as close to but no larger than 300ppi, 10˝ longest side, maximum file size 40 MB each. Each file must be named: <yourlastname_filename>.tiff or, if submitting for a group: <groupname_filename>tiff e.g. malde_20190902.tiff or kozoeditions_20190902.tif.

In addition to the print images, please try to include a photograph/scan of a standardized color target, captured under the same conditions as the prints–this will allow for color-accurate reproduction. There are suggestions about how to copy and scan here:

Please try to include at least one vertical image and one horizontal in the submission, as this will increase the options for fitting images into multiple page formats and layouts.

Submission does not guarantee that your image(s) will be published. Although there is no monetary compensation, the benefits include wide exposure of your work, a publication line on your résumé, and the placing of your work in a contemporary account about the platinum/palladium print-out method using ammonium salts.

If your work is accepted, you will be asked to respond to a supplemental 500 to 2000-word questionnaire about your working process, and to complete a release form.

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