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The made-for-cinema documentary shows how Don McCullin created some of the latter twentieth-century’s most iconic images of man's inhumanity to man.
Working at a critical time in global photojournalism, he witnessed the change of ethos to publishing and editorial freedom for newspapers to print what they wanted, free from constraints of advertisers.

He brought the impact and reality of human conflict to the general reader, going on war assignments sometimes with only twenty rolls of film.
He was shooting with a respect for image now disappearing from the digital age; and we have shot our film on 16mm in order to compliment his work.

Why We Need Your Support
We started this project independently, and we want to remain so.
Your investment will allow us to not compromise the film’s message by having to accommodate traditional funders.

So we have self-funded where we could and we’ve created this film through monumental personal commitment to the story, and the generous in-kind donations of time and skills from industry professionals.
We want to enter our film into high-profile festivals, but to do this we need support in the final stages of post-production.

Your support will help us tell an important story.

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