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Event: Luminous-Lint with Alan Griffiths / Bristol, 6 September

Since it was established Luminous-Lint has become one of the go-to online resources for photographic history bringing together a diverse range of images and texts and presenting them through curated content.  

Photohistory is a complex blending of biographical, technical and thematic information. Photographs and archival research materials are scattered between thousands of collections with different perspectives and cataloging standards. The traditional model of monographs and articles based on exhibitions is now being questioned by Internet based resources that bring together information from thousands of sources to create repositories of knowledge (i.e. Daguerreobase) or broader frameworks to examine the whole of photohistory (Luminous-Lint). In this talk we'll examine the progress of Luminous-Lint so far and the opportunities for collaborative research based on images from over 3,300 distinct collections.

Alan Griffiths, Luminous-Lint's founder will be talking about the website on 6 September at the Royal Photographic Society. See more here and book:

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