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Exhibition: The Origin of Photography: Great Britain / Tokyo, from 5 March 2019

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, which fills the role of Japan’s main photographic cultural centre, holds an exhibition every spring focusing on early photographs and this year, 2019, it will present The Origin of Photography: Great Britain exhibition.

Research into methods of photography began in the latter part of the 18th century, and with the announcement of the invention of the first photographic technology in 1839, the curtain was raised on photographic culture. In Great Britain, research developed by the members of the Victorian aristocracy was to have a broad influence on culture.

In this exhibition, which includes photographs from several major UK institutions as well as the TOP Museum's own collections, it will present numerous works, many of them for the first time in Japan, to show the varied developments in photographic culture that took place in Great Britain but which remain largely unknown in Japan. In addition, it will also allow visitors a rare view of Great Britain during the 19th century, captured through contemporary photographs. We hope that you will come and see the broad range of Great Britain’s photographic culture and history that served as an inspiration to the Japanese during the latter half of the 19th century.

A series of guest speakers include: Dr Luke Gartlan, Sebastian Dobson, Professor Larry Schaaf and others. 

The Origin of Photography: Great Britain
5 March-6 May, 2019
Closed :Monday (however open on 29 Apr, 6 May)
Admission:Adults ¥900/College Students ¥800/High School and Junior High School Students, Over 65 ¥700
The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue. 


Image: Don Juan, Count of MONTIZON, Hippopotamus at the Zoological Gardens, Regent’s Park, London, 1852, from The Photographic Album for the year 1855; being contributions from the members of the Photographic Club, 1852, Salted paper print, British Library © British Library Board (C.43.i.7)

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