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Feedback received: Causes of Degradation of Photographic Materials,

We are really appreciating the feedback and compliments we are receiving for those who have signed up for our online course, Causes of Degradation of Photographic Materials, please be assured we will endeavour to respond to each one. In the interim if you haven’t already done so please sign up for our Newsletter   which will keep you informed about updates and any future courses as they develop.

The Centre’s collections are made up of images not selected because they are dramatic or artistic or beautiful, though many are, but because they tell us so much about the processes, materials and physical make up of this most vulnerable socio-historic heritage material, which also helps us to understand their long term needs and preservation.

Many of the images we have acquired over the last fourty-nine years we have used in The Centre’s, in person, professional development courses and also to illustrate the over 36 episodes, including work studies and examples, of our online course, which focuses in detail on the Causes of Degradation of Photographic Materials that impacts not only the identification of historic photographs, but also, their preservation and conservation. To see the course video and find out more details visit:

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