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Gentlemen, my great pleasure to research with you - Imagine, had we had access to google search when we began our careers?? Two words typed into google: Bridal Daguerreotypes brought three photography afficionados together. I began this morning determined to learn as much about this stunning bridal daguerreotype as I am able. I have no external clues. The work was purchased many years ago. It is framed, so no preserver or case for clues. I have not examined the plate - a logical next step. I'd put it away, like a squirel. In my exuberence, having just had my apartment repainted, fresh surfaces brought me to fresh thoughts about those wonderful objects which enrich our surroundings. Yes, I'm very much in business - and the first client who came up - yesterday - said 'comme bien'. I was caught flatfooted. When I bought the work it was as a Brady, I really bought it because it was such a beautiful daguerreotype - and I paid a Brady price. But, now I need to properly attribute it - No furniture for clues, only a beautiful cut velvet cloth. I am so pleased to reacquaint with you both. Have you any thoughts on my investigation?

Meeting this way brings my thoughts back to my first meeting with Beaumont in 1968. I'd been 'bitten' by photography. In looking around, for people who shared my enthusiasm, to see work, I quickly found Beaumont at GEH. I called the House, he and I spoke for some time, he was very generous with his time. The conversation was coming to a close when I asked a simple question, something had been nagging at me - that there were very few people interested in the photograph. I ask, "How many people are there interested in photography?" Beau replied, "Now we are six."

Mark, Gordon - I hope you are very well and flourishing. Janet

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