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Job: Senior Registrar - Media Collections/Qatar Museums Authority

The Media Collections possesses one of the most outstanding and valuable photographic collections in the region and one that ranks with major collections through the world. The photographs are of exceptional quality and span from the 19th century to present. The collection includes photographs from early daguerreotypes through albums, photography - illustrated books to contemporary color photographs and a significant collection of cameras and diverse photography and cinematography equipment.

The Media Collections is seeking a suitably qualified and experienced candidate to work full - time in collaboration with the Head of Collections on the registration planning of the collections.


Job responsabilities:

 1) Working with the Head of Collections and maintains records of accession, condition, and location of objects in museum collection, and oversees movement, packing, and shipping of objects to conform to insurance regulations: Observes unpacking of objects acquired by museum through gift, purchase, or loan to determine that damage or deterioration to objects has not occurred.

2) Registers and assigns accession and catalog numbers to all objects in collection, according to established registration system.

3) Composes concise description of objects, and records descriptions on file cards and in collection catalogs.

4) Oversees handling, packing, movement, and inspection of all objects entering or leaving establishment, including traveling exhibits, and confers with other personnel to develop and initiate most practical methods of packing and shipping fragile or valuable objects.

5) Maintains records of storage, exhibit, and loan locations of all objects in collection for use of establishment personnel, insurance representatives, and other persons utilizing facilities.

6) Prepares acquisition reports for review of curatorial and administrative staff.

7) Periodically reviews and evaluates registration and catalog system to maintain applicability, consistency, and operation.

8) Recommends changes in recordkeeping procedures to achieve maximum accessibility to and efficient retrieval of collection objects.

9) Arranges for insurance of objects on loan or special exhibition, or recommends insurance coverage on parts of or entire collection.

The Senior Registrar’s role is critical in identifying and resolving registration and labeling problems, working with the Head of Collections to organize the new acquisitions and updating the Museum’s collection management system with all new information and locations.

The Senior Registrar must thoroughly understand the Museum’s multi-layered object documentation processes and how to correctly enter and accurately retrieve information in the Museum's collection management system (currently The Filemaker System, but in process to migrate to KE Emu collection management system)


Required Qualifications:

- Bachelor’s degree in history, museum science or related field. An understanding of photography and film history can be an advantage.

- A minimum of two years experience with contemporary museum registration practices using complex databases and collections management systems. Experience with KE Emu collection management system is suitable.

- Experience organizing large amounts of information from multiple sources in a logical manner.

- Efficient typing and data entry.

More about the collections are here:

Please send the CV to Maria Matta 

Closing date 21-12-2012

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